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At Step Relief Podiatry Clinic our philosophy is, ‘A healthy body starts from the ground up.’ Step Relief aims to get you in the right direction from the moment you step in. Whether you are an athlete, an aspiring athlete or an everyday warrior, Step Relief will look after you. We focus on patient centred care in which every patient is treated as a unique individual. Step Relief Podiatry Clinic optimises for the most advanced treatment through combining state of the art technology with the latest knowledge in research.


Providing you with the best Podiatrists for the best care in Melbourne.

mark albert

Mark Albert

Head Podiatrist & Director
Mark (BHsc MPod) is the head podiatrist and director of Step Relief Podiatry Clinic. He graduated from La Trobe University with a double degree of Bachelor of Health Science and Master of Podiatric Practice.
Mark spent numerous hours alongside senior podiatrists and surgeons enhancing his clinical skills. He is also involved in a number of sports teams, and also coaches a soccer team. Due to his deep passion, Mark has built widespread in sports injuries through his extensive experience.

He is also practicing Dry needling/ Acupuncture, Ingrown toenail surgery, diabetic foot assessment care, and children’s pathologies. Mark also speaks fluent Arabic.

Andrew Farag

Andrew graduated from LaTrobe University with a Bachelor’s of Applied Sciences and Masters of Podiatric Practice. Andrew has a particular interest in management of sporting injuries and lower limb biomechanics. This stems from his interest in soccer. Andrew has played soccer for the past 15 years, starting off his soccer career in South Australia where he grew up.

Moreover, Andrew has a special interest in ingrown toenail surgeries, soft tissue injuries and diabetic foot management. Andrew has also undertaken a course allowing him to dry needle, he has found this to be a useful form of treatment amongst patients.

Andrew believes in evidence-based treatment and providing a holistic approach care to each patient. He likes to get to know each patient and develop a thorough patient rapport.

peter shaker

Peter Shaker

Peter began his career in Podiatry after completing a Bachelor of Applied Science and Masters of Podiatric Practice at La Trobe University. He holds particular interest in lower limb biomechanics and management of various musculoskeletal conditions.

Peter ensures conducting a holistic approach to all his cases. He is eager to provide top class service to his patients and always seeks patient satisfaction.

Additionally, Peter Is interested in the Diabetic foot and undergoes Neurovascular and Diabetes Assessments to monitor any signs of Diabetes related complications. Moreover, Peter remains up to date with the new studies, treatments and podiatric trials, therefore, providing recent evidence-based practice.

george farag

George Farag

George completed his degree at La Trobe University in 2015. He is a current member of the Australian Podiatry Association. He is very passionate about evidence based practice, which he incooperates with his podiatry skills.

He is also passionate about foot health and has spent countless hours alongside senior Podiatrists and surgeons enhancing his skills.

He has special interests in: Sports related Podiatry, 3-D customised orthotics, Ingrown toenail surgery, Dry needling, Diabetic foot care and children’s feet.