A healthy body starts from the ground up

At Step Relief Healthcare Clinic our philosophy is, ‘A healthy body starts from the ground up.’ Step Relief aims to get you in the right direction from the moment you step in. Whether you are an athlete, an aspiring athlete or an everyday warrior, Step Relief will look after you. We focus on patient centred care in which every patient is treated as a unique individual. Step Relief Healthcare Clinic optimises for the most advanced treatment through combining state of the art technology with the latest knowledge in research.


Meet Our Team

Providing you with the best healthcare care in Melbourne, from podiatry and osteopathy to dietetics

Mark Albert Podiatrist Step Relief Health Clinic

Mark Albert

Head Podiatrist & Director
Mark (BHsc MPod) is head podiatrist and director of Step Relief Healthcare Clinic. He graduated from La Trobe University with double degree of Bachelor of Health Science and Master of Podiatric Practice.

Mark spent numerous hours alongside senior podiatrists and surgeons enhancing his clinical skills. He is involved in number of sports teams, and also coaches soccer team. Due to his deep passion, Mark has built widespread in sports injuries through his extensive experience.

He is also practicing Dry needling/ Acupuncture, Ingrown toenail surgery, diabetic foot assessment care, and children’s pathologies. Mark also speaks fluent Arabic.


Laura Ferlazzo

Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD)

Laura is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD). She has completed a Bachelor of Nutrition Science and a Master of Dietetics at Monash University.

Laura has always had an interest in nutrition, mostly sparked by having Coeliac Disease. Always needing to read the ingredient list, she has a deep appreciation for the relationship between diet and good health. Because of this, Laura is particularly interested in working in gut-related issues as well as special diets.

Dietetics is more than just treating diet-related issues, it plays a critical role in ensuring a healthy and happy lifestyle. Laura can provide individualised and sustainable nutritional advice to a wide range of clinical areas from weight management, malnutrition, and nutritional deficiencies to complex chronic diseases such as diabetes and chronic heart disease amongst others.

Laura can also provide general advice on healthy eating habits and a balanced diet for people of all ages, from children to the elderly.

Peter Shaker Podiatrist Step Relief Health Clinic

Peter Shaker

Peter began his career in Podiatry after completing a Bachelor of Applied Science and Masters of Podiatric Practice at La Trobe University. He holds particular interest in lower limb biomechanics and management of various musculoskeletal conditions.

Peter ensures conducting a holistic approach to all his cases. He is eager to provide top class service to his patients and always seeks patient satisfaction.

Additionally, Peter Is interested in the Diabetic foot and undergoes Neurovascular and Diabetes Assessments to monitor any signs of Diabetes related complications. Moreover, Peter remains up to date with the new studies, treatments and podiatric trials, therefore, providing recent evidence-based practice.

Gee Molelekwa Osteopath Step Relief Health Clinic

Gee Molelekwa

Osteopath – Registered with AHPRA

Gee discovered Osteopathy due to his sporting injuries. From his first treatment, he knew he had to become an osteopath. Gee has always had great passion for helping people discover their optimum health through fitness.

He has now found his calling with Osteopathy. Gee loves Osteopathy for its holistic, health-oriented approach to patient care. His love for holistic medicine led him to study many fields including Neuro Linguistic Programming and other body, mind and spirit connection programs so he can provide complete care for his patients and clients.​


Even though he loves treating patients of all ages, Gee’s great interests are in treating people with chronic pain, pregnancy, paediatric and headache patients. Gee’s approach ranges from gentle indirect treatments to gentle firm techniques allowing him to see a wide range of patients and easily adapt his treatments to each patient’s needs. ​

Outside Osteo clinic, Gee does chronic pain relief coaching and runs chronic pain workshops to help people learn and utilise the power of their mindset in achieving long last relief from pain so they can thrive in their lives.


Apart from spending time with his family, Gee loves teaching Reformer Pilates. He enjoys playing and watching sport. He also loves ballroom and Latin American dancing.


BSc(Clinical), MHSc (Osteopathy), Dry Needling Adv, Master NLP Practitioner & Master Hypnotherapy

Registered with AHPRA