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Do you have pain under the balls of your feet and between your toes?
Does it feel like you’re stepping on a pebble?
Does the pain ever shoot up the foot?
Is it annoying and tingling?

You might have what’s known as Mortons neuroma.
Don't let the name scare you!
Mortons neuroma is a non cancerous growth of nerve tissue that grows in between your toes and may produce burning and shooting pain, numbness, tingling or mild discomfort.

This condition is believed to be linked to pressure in the area from factors such as incorrect footwear, high arched feet, flat feet and even bunions.

Due to the range of causes, it’s important to have this condition clinically assessed by one of our podiatrists so that we can put you back on the pain free path!

Treatment is tailored towards the cause. A change in footwear may be required but we can also assist by providing offloading devices and orthotics.
In severe cases, injections and surgery may be required, in which case we can refer you to some of the best foot and ankle specialists in your area and together, formulae a treatment plan to have you back on your feet, pain free!