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Limb Length Discrepancy (LLD)

Do you find that you are limping but have no pain?

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LLD can be caused by either foot posture or a mechanical origin (short leg bone). Having discrepancy in your limbs can drastically increase pressure on the opposite limb and cause pathologies.



  • Limping (not due to pain)
  • Bending 1 knee when standing straight
  • Appear to be flat footed in only 1 limb
  • Increased pressure on one foot only.


  • Femoral or tibial bone generically shorter than the opposite limb
  • Tightness in hip muscles can tilt pelvis which can cause LLD.


    How to treat LLD?

    There are various treatments that will be applicable for Limb Length Discrepancy. However, everyone is different. Therefore we will work with you to develop the most suitable treatment plan for you, to help you get out of pain.

    How we can help:

    If LLD is caused by difference in bone length, strategies like heel lifts and shoe modifications can be added.

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        What are the Payment Options available?2020-03-23T01:54:17+10:00

        We request that you pay the amount during the time of the consultation. We accept cash, cheques, or credit cards and have EFTPOS and HICAPS facilities, in which we can also accept Australian health funds and health care providers.

        Is a referral necessary?2020-03-23T01:52:02+10:00

        – If you are on an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC), you will need to bring a written referral from your General Practitioner (GP).

        – If you are a private patient, then you do not need a referral.

        Do you accept Medicare Payment?2020-03-23T01:52:59+10:00

        All patients with chronic conditions are eligible for Medicare rebates for standard podiatry visits through the Medicare system. You will need to see your General Practitioner and ask for an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) referral.


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