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Sports injuries Treatment in Footscray

Treating sports injuries depends on several factors. The most important ones are the severity of the injury and the affected part of the body.

There are many approaches to this issue. We recommend protecting the areas, getting lots of rest, icing, compression, and elevation. Using pain relief medicine can help reduce the pain.

Also, consider immobilization, which is the best way to avoid further damage. This can also reduce pain and muscle swelling.

For severe cases that might take longer to heal, we offer physiotherapeutic and other specialized treatments. The professional team at Step Relief Podiatry Clinic will put you on a program to help strengthen the affected parts.

Muscle treatment and maintenance in Footscray

Are you having muscle pain in your leg due to injuries? Are you looking for the “best podiatrist near me” in Footscray?

If so, we have got the answers for you. Contact our services at podiatrist in Footscray via email, phone, or visit our clinic today.

Your health in East Melbourne is our goal.

Overexercising your body can cause injuries. The most common ones include muscle strain or pulled muscle. This condition occurs when the muscle is overstretched or torn. It can cause minor soreness after a workout or lead to more serious issues that require surgery.

At Step Relief Podiatry Clinic, we will help you get back on your foot as soon as possible. We have the right team and equipment for every job.

We make it easy for those seeking a “podiatrist near me” to find us. You can call or reach out through our Contact Us page or give us a call through the number on our website.




Highly recommend mark!

Racael Lucas Avatar Racael Lucas
November 21, 2023

I had a fantastic experience at Step Relief Healthcare. The osteopath I saw was incredibly knowledgeable and skilled in addressing my back pain. They took the time to listen to my concerns and provided a comprehensive treatment plan. After a few sessions, I noticed a significant improvement in my back pain. The staff at the clinic were also friendly and accommodating. I highly recommend Step Relief Healthcare for anyone seeking effective care for their back pain.

mona hany Avatar mona hany
November 8, 2023

Been having extremely bad pain in the heels due to wearing steel cap boots for an extended period of time. Once I found the step relief team they helped me instantly and I felt a huge difference within the first consultation! Shout out to Mark the legend!

October 30, 2023