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A wax bath treatment uses warm oil-based wax to provide pain relief to hands, feet and sore joints and muscles. This treatment has skin-softening benefits as well. 



A wax bath treatment soothes chronic joint pain and relaxes stiff muscles and improves blood flow to the treated area, as noted by the manufacturer. It increases range of motion for people with arthritis, bursitis and other chronic conditions that cause pain and stiffness. These treatments also smooth and soften dry, chapped, rough and scaly skin and increases blood circulation in cold feet. It can be helpful for chronic skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis. 

How it works:

Wax bath treatment is a form of deep heat therapy. Liquified paraffin wax is very efficient at absorbing and retaining heat. 

The heat increases circulation and relieves pain and stiffness. To aid in skin softening, paraffin wax increases blood supply to the skin, while also opening pores and trapping moisture from underlying layers of skin.